Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Paper cutting tricks!

So this weekend I was showing a friend how to make some cards and I chose to do 5 x 7 size. I showed her how to cut the 5 x 7 card and then use the remainder 5 x 5 piece for a little tent style card. (See previous post For Always!)

I then showed her how to cut (4) 5 x 7 pieces of background and texture paper from one 12  x 12 with no waste. I sometimes forget that not everyone knows these tricks! LOL! I found a great tutorial from the Cafe Crop site with a PDF file too! I hope they don't mind me posting it!

 Too great to not share!


  1. Thanks for this simple technique. I always wonder why I couldn't have thought of this myself! lol

    1. Me too! :) Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. Thanks Robin! I always forget these little things! Thanks for visiting my blog!